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Siser Heatpress Pillows - Set of three

Siser Heatpress Pillows - Set of three

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Pillow Sizes

15cm x 25cm

12cm x 45cm

25cm x 30cm

What is a heat transfer pillow?

Heat transfer pillow is a soft foam square that is completely covered in a nonstick fabric (teflon).

What are they used for?

Heat press pillows are placed directly under bulky and challenging surfaces where the HTV is to be applied. They help distribute pressure evenly and prevent the top plate of the heat press (or iron) from getting a tight seal on the actual HTV.

Do you really need them?

It depends. You don’t ALWAYS need one but they are super handy in certain situations. If you’re pressing a onesie, a bag, or something that isn’t a standard t-shirt, a heat transfer pillow could make your transfer easier.

When should you use them?

They’re especially useful when working on items that have:

  • zippers
  • buttons
  • seams
  • hoodies
  • fabric overlaps
  • embroidery
  • drawstrings
  • straps
  • pockets

When the HTV is applied without enough pressure, (after a wash or two) it can peel or not even stick to the surface at all.

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