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Sawgrass SG500 inc 20ml Starter inks

Sawgrass SG500 inc 20ml Starter inks

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Sawgrass Printer - SG500 inc 20ml Install Kit

Kickstart your business with the Sawgrass SG500, the only desktop printer designed for sublimation. With low start up and running costs, you'll soon be creating customized products with vibrant HD images - quickly, easily and profitably. 

Designed to minimize ink and power consumption while maximizing quality and efficiency, the SG500 enables you to create the highest definition images with the lowest per image cost.

The SG500 has the compact footprint and rugged reliability of its predecessor, the SG400, but has been updated from the inside out. In addition to design improvements such as a single roll-bar, the SG500 is more energy-efficient, prints with higher resolution, and offers WiFi connectivity. This means you’ll enjoy higher quality products and greater ease of use.

Includes one A4 printer. Low start up cost. Prints personalised products with vibrant HD images quickly, easily and profitably.

The SG500 comes complete with:

  • +Sawgrass Print Manager
  • +CreativeStudio Online Designer
  • +4 x EasySubli 20ml Sublimation Inks
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